Restoring a people. Rebuilding a nation.

Ministering to Orphans throughout Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region


Equipping Leaders with Pastoral Training


Sewing Classes are Offered at Hope Vocational Training Center


Restoring lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Restoring Lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Woodworking classes are available at Hope Vocational Training Center

About ERM

12 Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas...
We remember

It has been 23 years since the horrific genocide took more than a million lives in Rwanda, Africa. They were dads, moms, grandfathers and grandmothers...even small children. They were farmers, businessmen, laborers and government workers.  An entire nation was brought to its knees. Hopeless orphans and widows filled with terror and despair. Today, thanks to organizations like ERM Rwanda, an entire generation of people has hope for their future.

On the eleventh day of Christmas...
We bring opportunity

Through these gates walk hundreds of students and a dozen trainers every day. Some travel by foot for up to 2 1/2 hours one way just so they can have the opportunity to learn a sustainable skill. After 10 months of training, and two months of internship, 98% of our students find jobs in their field of study.





On the tenth day of Christmas...
We bring hope

They have the greatest smiles on earth, but their lives are hard. While poverty has fallen rapidly in Rwanda, more than 60% of the population still live on less than $1.25 day. They are the poor. They are the  vulnerable. They are the ones ERM Rwanda is committed to serving through vocational training. The government aims to transform Rwanda from a agricultural-based economy to a knowledge-based, service-oriented economy by 2020 which fits perfectly with the courses currently offered at the Hope Vocational Training Center.  Your gift of scholarship this Christmas season makes a difference and brings hope to Rwanda.  For just $50 a month or $600 a year one student can be trained, experience an internship, receive a government certified diploma, and a 98% chance of earning a living through a high demand, sustainable skill.

Restoring a people. Rebuilding a nation.

Since 1996 ERM Rwanda has been a voice for a people struggling to gain freedom and reconciliation. It was only after Founder and Pastor Emmanuel Sitaki, still reeling from the loss of 35 of his own personal family members that he gathered the strength and courage to return to his homeland.

"I was a stranger, a foreigner in my own country," said Sitaki.

As he walked the streets he came upon nine orphans and took each of them into his care determined he would find some way to provide for their needs. Soon God reveal his plan--the formation of new family units assembling new widows and orphans together. Emmanuel set out to secure funding for his vision and from that moment ERM Rwanda came into existence.

Today, most of the vulnerable, orphans and widows just desire  having a family, access to education and medical care and enough financial support to have dignity. ERM Rwanda brings this hope and restores dignity to revitalize these through the generosity of donors and effective holistic ministries.

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