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Lord, I pray all these people will have joy receiving these goats and for the blood of the perfect Lamb who died on the cross.  –Jake, 10 years old

Receiving Goats 1This prayer for sixty people in the City of Nyamata in Rwanda began with an act of generosity inspired by one woman.

Her name is Deri.  A Bible teacher at Kings High School in Seattle, she and her students were moved by Pastor Emmanuel Sitaki’s testimony of faith and forgiveness.  She challenged her students to raise money for goats to help people in poverty provide for their families.  And that’s just the start of something much greater!  The students then raised funds to go on a short-term mission trip, traveling across the world to meet and minister to the people they gave goats to.

Deri continues the competition each year, and their most recent gift of $2,000 opened doors in Nyamata.  Pastor Emmanuel approached the mayor’s office to reach out to the widows and poorest of their city.  They welcomed the gifts and were pleased to facilitate.  Reaching out to the chiefs of four villages, sixty people were sought out and invited to come to a ceremony to receive goats.

Goat CeremonyDespite the thunderstorm and pouring rains, all sixty gathered in city hall, waiting patiently.  Jake, a ten year old, was asked to pray.  He asked God for all in the room to one day be in heaven, freely speaking the same language.  Hearts were moved.  The Holy Spirit was at work.  They were invited to receive goats, but they walked away with a greater invitation.

This one act of generosity has opened doors to multiple villages to share Christ Woman Looking Out Before Receiving a Goatand make disciples.  Please pray for continued open doors and soft hearts as we begin ministering to the people of Nyamata, and pray how God might use you, your church or your workplace, to change lives in Jesus’s name.

Esther Behind GrandMamaEsther, a girl not yet old enough to speak, peeks behind her grandmother’s skirt.  She shares a similar story with Esther of the Bible, as she, too, is an orphan.  Her mama died only a few weeks after she was born.  There is no father.  Her grandmother, a widow from the genocide, is raising her along with eight other children.  Four are biological children who lost their father, and four children are orphans she adopted.

Thanks to generous and compassionate sponsors, Perptue received a loan to start a bakery business.  The vision to start a bakery began in 2010, and like most business start-ups, funding was the biggest challenge.  Her sponsors decided to invest above and beyond, and last week Esther and her family began a new chapter with their family business.

Pertue's BakeryEsther’s uncle and aunt, Joseph (22) and Mutesi (24), bake waffles and donuts and transport them to their bakery located at the main center square.  Perptue hired two employees to sell products, traveling far outside the village to find customers.  Eventually they will bake bread, a need in this village due to lack of training.  Thanks to her sponsors, she purchased an oven made by the Hope Vocational Training Center and will launch new products as the business grows. She says her quality is what separates her from her one competitor, and customers are raving about their baked goods.

Esther’s family is a story of hardship in poverty and loss.  They credit God for enabling them to start this business and rely on His strength as they persevere to grow the business.