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Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Isaiah 55:1

Dirty Water

Whether in the Western or third world, every liter costs something; but in third world the cost could be your very life. Without water infrastructure, many family members in poverty travel long distances by foot to fill their jerry cans at a community water-point for a fee or at the nearest water source which is infected with diseases such as polio, amoebic dysentery, and schistosomiasis. Additionally, the laborious chore to carry water imposes a hardship on families, keeping them from schooling or earning income.

Kids 8

According to UNICEF, twenty five percent of Rwanda’s population is unable to access safe water and the risk could be reduced by 77 percent with adequate water supply and sanitation.

With this great need for safe water, we are so grateful to our Lord Jesus for sending Elizabeth Primus, an environmental scientist from Rochester, NY.  She came last summer to train construction students at ERM’s Hope Vocational Training Center (HVTC) on building compost toilets.  Several students took the knowledge and formed a business called ECOSARWA (Ecological Sanitation of Rwanda), one that we hope will not only provide income-generation and create jobs, but also water and sanitation in areas of great need… and most importantly opportunities for the gospel to spread.

ECOSAWA started in April of 2014 by four young Christian men. While each are at different stages in their walk with Christ, they are already using their business to build God’s kingdom. Recently they gave a family in need a compost toilet at no cost, and in sharing a meal and staying the night with them, they also shared God’s unfailing Word, answered their questions about faith, and prayed for them. As they work to launch their business, these entrepreneurs ask outside ministries to provide funds to build compost toilets, rain harvesting systems, and other mechanisms for families in need.


ECOSAWA entrepreneurs with their teacher and consultant, Elizabeth Primus.

As for Elizabeth, we are thankful that the Lord provided for her to return to Rwanda for an extended period of time to consult ECOSAWA and teach another group of students at the HVTC.  She has also been advising ERM on how to provide safe water in a village and also a widow who recently started a home business selling water.

Please pray for God to open doors for her and these entrepreneurs to use this business and expertise to share the life-giving water available at no cost in Jesus Christ.