Restoring a people. Rebuilding a nation.

God’s Love Outpouring in Rugendabari

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 

1 Corinthians 13:13

Jumping in the back of the truck in Kayonza and loading in the vehicles, the team from Kings High School were ready! As they traversed the hills, they eagerly greeted all the children with their new Kinyarwanda word “muraho” and gave them empty water bottles. The children laughed and chased after the bottles as their new visitors continued up to the village of Rugendabari.

So why were they here? A last minute miracle before Kings left Seattle. God provided the funds for them to give to the local church to build a floor and provide Bibles, which led to them to stay in Rugendabari for a longer time. They came to build a foundation of a church. But they weren’t only here to build with rocks… they came to build relationships in the love of Jesus.


And they did. They fell in love with these people they had never met, showering them with attention. They held their little hands, played Duck-Duck-Goose, shot them into the air like a rocket, ran through the forest of banana trees with them, visited their homes and prayed for them.

IMG_0714IMG_0719Laughter filled the air. The people cheered as they saw their little ones running around the circle, chasing after the muzungus. Amidst the hardships of life this village faces, Jesus brought them joy through these faithful servants.


Before leaving they held a church service, and Kings High School’s Bible teacher Deri Kispert shared a message. King’s students shared personal testimonies, one sharing a dark time where Jesus met her, saving her from taking her own life. Another shared the power of healing he experienced in Jesus. After calling people to Jesus Christ, many were saved!


The sick were prayed for…


and children received prayer as they walked through an arch made by the hands of laborers working together, unified in the Holy Spirit.

IMG_1023IMG_1048It’s amazing to see how God used these youth to build deep bonds between people whom they’ve never met. There wasn’t one dry eye as they watched the children jump on the vehicles, wave good-bye, and chase after them. It was evident God was outpouring in all present a deep love for Him and one another. Love – it truly is the greatest.