Orphan Ministry

Change a Life & Give a Bright Future to an Orphan for Less Than $1.20 per Day!

sponsor an orphan

Benefits of Sponsorship:
Your investment of $35 per month will provide an education, medical care, and food to an orphan in need. By providing an education, you will give an orphan a hope and a future.

Kids at Village

How It Works:

  • After you become a sponsor, you will receive a photo and information about your orphan.
  • ERM staff will connect with you to continue an ongoing relationship with your orphan.
  • ERM staff will meet with your orphan to pray, minister to, obtain updates, and provide needed health care information.

Once Sponsored, Can I Do More?
Yes. Some sponsors send additional gifts to support their orphan based on their individual need and some have even traveled across the world to visit them in person.